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Armed Forces

Armed Forces

4 Tips to Displaying Your Sports Collection

Don’t Just Collect It, Display It!

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When it comes to sports, the name of the game for many fans becomes collecting memorabilia from their favorite teams. But what’s the fun in collecting it all if you don’t get to show it off to friends and family? It’s time for you to call the shots to properly display your sports collection — whatever it may be!
At Team Bar Stools, we want you to be able to display your licensed sports memorabilia with pride. Continue reading to discover a few tips to displaying your sports collections within your home!

Man cave with air hockey table

Room to View

To properly show off your sports memorabilia, you want to first start with choosing what room or space in your home would be the best place for others to see and enjoy your collection. Sports collections commonly find their home in man caves or basements — where you spend time watching your favorite teams play with family and friends. The home office is another great place to display sports memorabilia for you and others to enjoy.

Shoot for Three

To give displaying your sports collection your best shot, you’ll want to keep in mind the rule of threes. Whether it be framed jerseys, bar stools, or a variety of autographed items, display them in groups of three. For things that are hanging or sitting on a table or shelf, give the memorabilia some depth by staggering or stacking them at varying heights rather than benching them in a row. With the perfect shot, you will grab the attention of anyone that enters the space. 

Close-up of darts and billiard balls

Set It Up

Mix it up a bit with your collections! Rather than displaying all your sports jerseys together and separated from other sports memorabilia, accessorize each display with a variety of items from each of your favorite teams or leagues. For example, place wall decor above/behind a shelf that holds your autographed ball and valued cards from the same team. This will help you create the perfect formation for the play!

Friends on couch watching a sports game

Show Off

Showing off is what we came here to do, and you should show off your favorite sports memorabilia with pride. By choosing the proper frame or case, you can take your sports collection display to the next level — while also keeping it protected. Shadow boxes and display cases are some of the go-tos for showing off sports memorabilia, whether it be tickets from games, cards, jerseys, or autographed balls, gloves, or pucks.

Team Bar Stools is your one-stop shop for licensed sports memorabilia from teams in the NCAA, NFL, NHL, and more. From furniture and game tables to wall decor, we have everything you need to show off your team spirit with style. Shop online today to find the perfect piece to add to your collection!

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