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Armed Forces

Armed Forces

Buy An American-Made Bar Stool Today!

Incredible Bar Stools Featuring Your Favorite Teams

Made In America, Shop Now!

Are you looking for a quality, American-made bar stool that features your favorite sports team’s logo? At Team Barstools, we sell custom bar stools with all of your favorite sports team logos, from college teams to the NFL and other major leagues. We also offer bar stools with military symbols. Read on to learn more about our quality bar stools, and find yours today! 

An American flag blowing in the wind on the back of a boat. Assembled in Michigan

All of the bar stools and other sports memorabilia products from Team Barstools are made at our factory in Michigan. We use high-quality wood, metal, and cushions, and take extra care to ensure that your stool is safe and your logo looks perfect before it leaves our doors.  Plus, our decision to make all of our products right here in Michigan helps keep jobs in the USA.

Two craftsmen with rolled up sleeves shaking hands

Be Proud of What You Buy

You’ll love showing off your favorite team’s logo on your bar stool! Instead of buying a knock-off product that’s made overseas with cheap materials and shoddy labor, you can take pride in your decision to buy an authentic, American-made product from Team Barstools. When you choose us, you can rest assured that you’re purchasing authentic sports memorabilia and that your barstool will arrive ready to be assembled and put to use.  

A football referee standing on the goal-line and motioning for a touchdown.

High Quality Products

Team Barstools only uses the best American-made materials in our products. From our sturdy metals and durable glass, to the premium materials we use in our cushions, we don’t just want your stool to look good, we want it to work well, too! Our quality assurance team tests every bar stool cushion to ensure they remain stable, and adjusts the filling if necessary. We also use state-of-the-art screen printing machines to add your team’s logo to your stool. 

College sports fans with poms and foam fingers celebrating on game day.

Free Shipping on All Orders

If you’ve visited our online store, you’ve already noticed that all of our barstools are priced competitively. As an added bonus, Team Barstools offers free shipping on all orders within the continental United States. It’s not cheap to ship products as large as barstools, but our team is passionate about helping sports fans represent their teams and create special memories with their friends and families.  

You’ll appreciate the quality of your American-made bar stool here at Team Bar Stools. We make everything in America to keep jobs here and to ensure we use the best materials. Support American-made products by shopping with us at teambarstools.com today.

Made In America, Shop Now!

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