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Customer Comments

Customer Comments

Great purchase, immediately shipped, highly recommended

Came in original factory cartons, bar stools were packaged in superior protective materials and were of excellent quality. Seller delivered on time and I have no qualms about buying from them again. 

Awesome Look. Great Product

Great quality and very sturdy! Prompt delivery.

Product just as described! I give the highest recommendation

 Bar and Counter Stools, Swivel or Stationary

Whether you have a bar or a breakfast nook our counter stools or bar stools will be a perfect match. These counter or bar stools swivel or you can just have a stationary one at the table. Dress up the kitchen or den with any style stool in various colors to match the decor. These stools also come with a back or no back depending on the comfort you choose. Our pub tables will help make a complete set as they are made to match the stools.

400 Jackie Chairs400 Jackie Chairs
400 Jackie Stools400 Jackie Stools
410 Jackie Swivel Stools410 Jackie Swivel Stools
XL 410 Jackie Swivel Stools - Big & TallXL 410 Jackie Swivel Stools - Big & Tall
610 Contessa Chairs610 Contessa Chairs
620 Catalina Chairs620 Catalina Chairs
630 Voltaire Chairs630 Voltaire Chairs
802 Misha Swivel Stools802 Misha Swivel Stools
XL 802 Misha Swivel Stools - Big & TallXL 802 Misha Swivel Stools - Big & Tall
802 Misha Swivel Vanity Stools802 Misha Swivel Vanity Stools
Round Cushion Swivel Vanity Stools Wood BaseRound Cushion Swivel Vanity Stools Wood Base
Round Cushion Swivel Stools Wood BaseRound Cushion Swivel Stools Wood Base
810 Contessa Swivel Stools810 Contessa Swivel Stools
XL 810 Contessa Swivel Stools - Big & TallXL 810 Contessa Swivel Stools - Big & Tall
820 Catalina Swivel Stools820 Catalina Swivel Stools
XL 820 Catalina Swivel Stools - Big & TallXL 820 Catalina Swivel Stools - Big & Tall
830 Voltaire Swivel Stools830 Voltaire Swivel Stools
840 Grizzly Swivel Stools840 Grizzly Swivel Stools
Grizzly Swivel Stools Wood BaseGrizzly Swivel Stools Wood Base
900 Laser Swivel Stools900 Laser Swivel Stools
900 Laser Swivel Vanity Stools900 Laser Swivel Vanity Stools
C7C1 Classic Series Swivel StoolC7C1 Classic Series Swivel Stool
C7C3C Classic Series Swivel StoolC7C3C Classic Series Swivel Stool
C7C4 Classic Series Swivel StoolC7C4 Classic Series Swivel Stool
C8B1 Classic Series Swivel StoolC8B1 Classic Series Swivel Stool
C8B2C Classic Series Swivel StoolC8B2C Classic Series Swivel Stool
C8B3C Classic Series Swivel StoolC8B3C Classic Series Swivel Stool
C8B4 Classic Series Swivel StoolC8B4 Classic Series Swivel Stool
C8C1 Classic Series Swivel StoolC8C1 Classic Series Swivel Stool
C8C3C Classic Series Swivel StoolC8C3C Classic Series Swivel Stool
C8C4 Classic Series Swivel StoolC8C4 Classic Series Swivel Stool
910 Adjustable Screw Stools910 Adjustable Screw Stools
3200 Parsons Style Arie Stools3200 Parsons Style Arie Stools
Saddle Dish Swivel StoolsSaddle Dish Swivel Stools
3010 Aspen Swivel Stools3010 Aspen Swivel Stools
3020 Swivel Stools3020 Swivel Stools
3030 Stationary Stools3030 Stationary Stools
3000 Georgian Swivel Stools3000 Georgian Swivel Stools
Stack ChairsStack Chairs
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