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  1. Buying the Right Bar Stool For Your Business
    4 Tips To Consider When Purchasing Barstools
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    You may find a variety of bar stools on the market today, however, the most crucial part is choosing a stool that suits your business. With Team Bar Stools, you can choose from over 100 styles, bases, and seat fabrics! These barstools have both practical and aesthetic functions since they can match the décor of your business and serve their function as a comfortable seating option. Here are just four things you need to consider when purchasing a bar stool for your business:

    Fitting Your Theme
    Fitting Your Theme
    When choosing a bar stool, ensure it conforms to the design and style of your business. For example, choose colors that are consistent with your branding or interior color scheme. The height of the bar stool matters a lot because it is dependent on the height of the tabletop or bar it will be situated at — the wrong choice of height means there’s a good chance the quality of comfort will be compromised. 

    The Comfort of Your Patrons
    Choose a bar stool that provides enough cushion for posture and comfort to your customers. Bar stools with padded seats are the best because, ideally, patrons will be sitting for an extended period of time. Additionally, bar stools should be very comfortable so that they are a viable seating option for patrons — nobody wants to sit on a rigid, uncomfortable stool for very long! Bar stools with swivels are fantastic at the counter and prove to be very popular. These stools allow customers to swivel from side to side, and allow them to turn around and chat with others as they enjoy their meals.

    Free Shipping Offered
    Did you know that Team Bar Stools offers bar stools that are tailored specifically to your liking, including bar stools with your beloved college or pro team logo? Officially licensed sports logo bar stools are available. When you shop with us, you gain the additional advantage of free shipping! We offer these incentives to our customers when purchasing barstools to help you save money and channel it to other activities in your business.

    Getting Enough With Our Quantity Discount
    Apart from getting a free shipping incentive, once you purchase a large quantity, Team Bar Stools can offer you a generous discount! Save money when you buy more bar stools for your business at market-friendly prices.
    Get the perfect bar stool for your business from Team Bar Stools! Shop online with us today and purchase bar stools tailored to your exact specifications. Take advantage of our free shipping offer and discounts for purchasing large quantities from Team bar stools in Alabama.

  2. Buy An American-Made Bar Stool Today!

    Incredible Bar Stools Featuring Your Favorite Teams

    Made In America, Shop Now!

    Are you looking for a quality, American-made bar stool that features your favorite sports team’s logo? At Team Barstools, we sell custom bar stools with all of your favorite sports team logos, from college teams to the NFL and other major leagues. We also offer bar stools with military symbols. Read on to learn more about our quality bar stools, and find yours today! 

    An American flag blowing in the wind on the back of a boat. Assembled in Michigan

    All of the bar stools and other sports memorabilia products from Team Barstools are made at our factory in Michigan. We use high-quality wood, metal, and cushions, and take extra care to ensure that your stool is safe and your logo looks perfect before it leaves our doors.  Plus, our decision to make all of our products right here in Michigan helps keep jobs in the USA.

    Two craftsmen with rolled up sleeves shaking hands

    Be Proud of What You Buy

    You’ll love showing off your favorite team’s logo on your bar stool! Instead of buying a knock-off product that’s made overseas with cheap materials and shoddy labor, you can take pride in your decision to buy an authentic, American-made product from Team Barstools. When you choose us, you can rest assured that you’re purchasing authentic sports memorabilia and that your barstool will arrive ready to be assembled and put to use.  

    A football referee standing on the goal-line and motioning for a touchdown.

    High Quality Products

    Team Barstools only uses the best American-made materials in our products. From our sturdy metals and durable glass, to the premium materials we use in our cushions, we don’t just want your stool to look good, we want it to work well, too! Our quality assurance team tests every bar stool cushion to ensure they remain stable, and adjusts the filling if necessary. We also use state-of-the-art screen printing machines to add your team’s logo to your stool. 

    College sports fans with poms and foam fingers celebrating on game day.

    Free Shipping on All Orders

    If you’ve visited our online store, you’ve already noticed that all of our barstools are priced competitively. As an added bonus, Team Barstools offers free shipping on all orders within the continental United States. It’s not cheap to ship products as large as barstools, but our team is passionate about helping sports fans represent their teams and create special memories with their friends and families.  

    You’ll appreciate the quality of your American-made bar stool here at Team Bar Stools. We make everything in America to keep jobs here and to ensure we use the best materials. Support American-made products by shopping with us at teambarstools.com today.

    Made In America, Shop Now!

  3. 4 of Our Bestselling Team Pub Table Designs

    Check out these popular tables! 

    Learn More Today!

    When you’re looking for a pub table, you don’t want just any old one, especially if you’re a diehard sports fan, your home wouldn’t be complete with a boring pub table. Instead, Team Bar Stools has the options you want to see for your home or office’s next addition! Here are four of our top-selling Pub Table Designs!

    Stainless Steel Bases

    Get your favorite sports team on a sleek and stylish pub table that will stand out and stand up to the test of time (and use!). These L214 Pub Tables with Stainless Steel bases are available in 28" or 36" diameter tops, and you can choose from heights of 30, 36, or 42 inches. These tables are also customizable with your team’s logo, so you can represent while adding style and function to your home bar, den, or office gathering space. 

    Square Black Base

    Looking for a more rich style to add to your home bar? Check out our pub tables with square bases in our sophisticated matte-black finish. Create the perfect addition to your space by customizing the table’s dimensions — they’re available in 28" or 36" diameter tops and you can also choose your ideal height tabletop height from 30, 36, or 42 inches. Add your favorite sport team colors or logo in full color to the laminated, sturdy  tabletop, and show all your friends your passion for sports and style. 

    Black Base with Footbar

    Put up your feet and relax with a sleek bar table that represents your favorite teams while you watch them on TV, enjoy a beer with friends, or just hang out in your den! These tables have a sleek and sophisticated powder-coated black finish, so they’re not just beautiful, they’ll also last for years to come! These tables are also available in your choice of 28" or 36" diameter top, and a 42” height. Add your extra touch to it by ordering your favorite team’s logo in full color on the tabletop and show all your guests where your passion lies!

    Logo Table

    Want to really emphasize your passion for your favorite team? This pub table is your top choice! With a 

    36” diameter tabletop and a 42” height, this is the perfect size to add to your home bar or den. The best part about these tables is the lighted panels on the underside of the table top, each printed with UV inks to provide the clearest, most vibrant graphics. The rechargeable LED lighting system is controlled by an IR remote control, making it easier than ever to show off your favorite team’s logo and designs. Switch between 16 colors and four transitional settings to enjoy fun and immersive lighting! 

    Finish  off your at-home game room, den, or ‘man-cave’ right with a table designed specifically for fans like you! Show off your favorite team colors with a pub table designed to match your style, add function to your space, and bring that extra ‘umph’ to your room. Shop our pub table designs and styles online or contact us today to learn more! 

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  4. A Sports Fans Guide to Home Decor Blitz Website Hero BG

    A Sports Fan's Guide to Home Decor

    Everything You Need to Create a Sports Fan Paradise

    Upgrade Your Man Cave!

    Man caves are one of the best places within a home — somewhere you can escape everyday life, spend time with friends and family, and enjoy your favorite sports. However, the perfect man cave is only created with the proper home decor. Team Bar Stools is here today to provide you with the sports fan’s guide to assist you in elevating your home decor to the next level. Continue reading to learn more, and shop all of our furniture and decor online today!

    Miami RedHawks canvas wall art

    Wall Art

    Adding sports-themed wall art to the space quickly sets the mood of the room, while also allowing you to represent your favorite sports and teams. There are a lot of wall art options — from framed jerseys and neon lights to canvas paintings, clocks, and more. Check out all of our wall art decor from Team Bar Stools today!

    Arizona State Sun Devils engraved pool table

    Game Tables

    Nothing gets guys' night going quite like game tables right in the man cave. A little friendly competition is the perfect pregame or halftime activity. At Team Bar Stools, we have a wide variety of game tables, including pool tables, shuffleboard tables, foosball tables, and hockey tables — all of which are branded with licensed logos representing your favorite team. Check out all of our game tables today to find the perfect addition to your man cave! 

    Pendant stained glass light fixture with Arizona Cardinals logo


    Deck out your man cave or bar with lighting fixtures that feature your favorite team’s colors and logo. From billiard lights to hang over your pool table to pendant lights to hang over the bar, you will be able to light up the room in an all-time sports fashion. Check out all the lighting fixtures and home decor that we offer from Team Bar Stools today to get started!

    Montreal style bar stool with Canadiens logo

    Bar Stools

    One of the best additions you can make to your sports-filled man cave or bar is officially licensed team bar stools and chairs. These act as a unique piece of decor, while also providing your guests with a comfortable place to relax, enjoy a drink, and watch the game. Explore all of our bar stools today!

    Here at Team Bar Stools, we are proud to provide our customers with the bar stools and decor they need to create an amazing space and experience for themselves and their guests to enjoy. We love our sports and are thrilled to share with you all of our officially licensed furniture and decor. Shop online today to find all the items you need to upgrade your man cave!

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  5. 4 Tips to Displaying Your Sports Collection

    Don’t Just Collect It, Display It!

    Buy Now!

    When it comes to sports, the name of the game for many fans becomes collecting memorabilia from their favorite teams. But what’s the fun in collecting it all if you don’t get to show it off to friends and family? It’s time for you to call the shots to properly display your sports collection — whatever it may be!
    At Team Bar Stools, we want you to be able to display your licensed sports memorabilia with pride. Continue reading to discover a few tips to displaying your sports collections within your home!

    Man cave with air hockey table

    Room to View

    To properly show off your sports memorabilia, you want to first start with choosing what room or space in your home would be the best place for others to see and enjoy your collection. Sports collections commonly find their home in man caves or basements — where you spend time watching your favorite teams play with family and friends. The home office is another great place to display sports memorabilia for you and others to enjoy.

    Shoot for Three

    To give displaying your sports collection your best shot, you’ll want to keep in mind the rule of threes. Whether it be framed jerseys, bar stools, or a variety of autographed items, display them in groups of three. For things that are hanging or sitting on a table or shelf, give the memorabilia some depth by staggering or stacking them at varying heights rather than benching them in a row. With the perfect shot, you will grab the attention of anyone that enters the space. 

    Close-up of darts and billiard balls

    Set It Up

    Mix it up a bit with your collections! Rather than displaying all your sports jerseys together and separated from other sports memorabilia, accessorize each display with a variety of items from each of your favorite teams or leagues. For example, place wall decor above/behind a shelf that holds your autographed ball and valued cards from the same team. This will help you create the perfect formation for the play!

    Friends on couch watching a sports game

    Show Off

    Showing off is what we came here to do, and you should show off your favorite sports memorabilia with pride. By choosing the proper frame or case, you can take your sports collection display to the next level — while also keeping it protected. Shadow boxes and display cases are some of the go-tos for showing off sports memorabilia, whether it be tickets from games, cards, jerseys, or autographed balls, gloves, or pucks.

    Team Bar Stools is your one-stop shop for licensed sports memorabilia from teams in the NCAA, NFL, NHL, and more. From furniture and game tables to wall decor, we have everything you need to show off your team spirit with style. Shop online today to find the perfect piece to add to your collection!

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  6. 4 Features of a Great Bar Stool

    Finding the Best Bar Stools for Your Establishment

    There are a few key things that get customers to return to your establishment — great service, quality food and drinks, and a comfortable atmosphere. Comfort can come in many different forms, but the basics could be as simple as having the right bar stools to make them feel right at home. At Team Bar Stools, it is our mission to provide you with new, comfortable, and cool bar stools that are made in America and offer top-quality seating to your customers. Curious about what makes a great bar stool? Continue reading to learn more, and order your custom bar stools online from Team Bar Stools!

    Wooden bar stool with back

    Stools With Backs

    The support that the back of a bar stool can provide is something you can’t replace. Whether it is someone that suffers from back issues or someone that has had a long day and simply needs a place to relax, stools with backs are the way to go. Team Bar Stools offers a variety of backed stools in a variety of styles to match and compliment your establishment. Order yours today!

    Black metal bar stool with red padded seat

    Padded Seats

    With comfort being key, padded seats can add a heightened level of comfort that encourages your customers to stay a little longer and enjoy the time at your establishment whether they are there alone or with a group of friends and family. Our padded seat stools include a variety of designs, from stools with backs to standard stools and sports-themed stools. 

    Padded Pewter Finish & Black Vinyl Seat Bar Stool

    Padded Backs

    In addition to padded seats, having a padded back takes your bar stools to the next level. This provides the maximum amount of comfort, making it easy for your customers to sit and enjoy whatever their day holds — whether it be a drink with a long time friend or a three-hour football game. Padded back bar stools simply add that extra touch that make your establishment stand out to customers. Order online from Team Bar Stools today!

    Green Bay Packer bar stool

    Representing Your Favorite Team!

    Speaking of standing out, represent your favorite sports teams and blow the competition away with our licensed sports bar stools.  No matter what style of bar stool you are wanting for your establishment, Team Bar Stools can customize them to represent a number of teams from the NCAA, NFL, NHL, and more.  

    Looking to spruce up your establishment’s bar seating? Team Bar Stools is here to help! We understand the importance of having a cool, comfortable place for your customers to sit and enjoy drinks, games, and more. With our variety of bar stools and custom options, we can meet your needs to ensure that you have the quality seating that will truly set your establishment apart.

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